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Interface InstallForgeOptions

The options to install forge.

🏷️ Properties

agent optional

agent: DownloadAgent

The download agent Inherited from: InstallProfileOption.agent

Defined in: packages/file-transfer/download.ts:20

checksumValidatorResolver optional

checksumValidatorResolver: Function

Inherited from: InstallProfileOption.checksumValidatorResolver

Defined in: packages/installer/minecraft.ts:117

headers optional

headers: Record<string, any>

The header of the request Inherited from: InstallProfileOption.headers

Defined in: packages/file-transfer/download.ts:16

inheritsFrom optional

inheritsFrom: string

When you want to install a version over another one.

Like, you want to install liteloader over a forge version. You should fill this with that forge version id. Inherited from: InstallOptions.inheritsFrom

Defined in: packages/installer/utils.ts:107

java optional

java: string

New forge (>=1.13) require java to install. Can be a executor or java executable path. Inherited from:

Defined in: packages/installer/profile.ts:71

librariesDownloadConcurrency optional

librariesDownloadConcurrency: number

Control how many libraries download task should run at the same time. It will override the maxConcurrencyOption if this is presented.

This will be ignored if you have your own downloader assigned. Inherited from: InstallProfileOption.librariesDownloadConcurrency

Defined in: packages/installer/minecraft.ts:115

libraryHost optional

libraryHost: LibraryHost

A more flexiable way to control library download url. Inherited from: InstallProfileOption.libraryHost

Defined in: packages/installer/minecraft.ts:104

mavenHost optional

mavenHost: string | string[]

The alterative maven host to download library. It will try to use these host from the [0] to the [maven.length - 1]Inherited from: InstallProfileOption.mavenHost

Defined in: packages/installer/minecraft.ts:108

side optional

side: "server" | "client"

The installation side

Defined in: packages/installer/forge.ts:143

skipPrevalidate optional

skipPrevalidate: boolean

Should skip prevalidate the file Inherited from: InstallProfileOption.skipPrevalidate

Defined in: packages/file-transfer/download.ts:30

skipRevalidate optional

skipRevalidate: boolean

Re-validate the file after download success Inherited from: InstallProfileOption.skipRevalidate

Defined in: packages/file-transfer/download.ts:25

spawn optional

spawn: Function

Inherited from: InstallProfileOption.spawn

Defined in: packages/installer/utils.ts:48

throwErrorImmediately optional

throwErrorImmediately: boolean

Inherited from: InstallProfileOption.throwErrorImmediately

Defined in: packages/installer/utils.ts:95

versionId optional

versionId: string

Override the newly installed version id.

If this is absent, the installed version id will be either generated or provided by installer. Inherited from: InstallOptions.versionId

Defined in: packages/installer/utils.ts:114