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ByteBuffer Module

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Provide some functions to query Minecraft server status. Port from bytebuffer.js.


Should similar to the bytebuffer in java.

You can also reference the bytebuffer.js.

There are sevearl notable differences:

  • Remove string methods as nodejs have better string encoding/decoding support.
  • This module only release one version using DataView. Should compatible for both browser and nodejs.
  • This module use BigInt to represent the long type.
  • Split non-common methods support into separate files. (Hope to reduce the build size)
  • Support esm (mjs)

Common usage:

import { ByteBuffer } from '@xmcl/bytebuffer'
const bb = ByteBuffer.allocate(10)
// similar to java's ByteBuffer

Using extra methods:

import { ByteBuffer } from '@xmcl/bytebuffer'
import '@xmcl/bytebuffer/varint64' // importing this will inject the varint64 methods to ByteBuffer

const bb = ByteBuffer.allocate(10)
bb.writeVarint64(BigInt(1234567890)) // now this is avaiable!

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