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ASM Module

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Parse Java bytecode, which port from java asm package.


Visit java class in jar file

The usage is just like asm library in java:

import { AnnotationVisitor, ClassReader, ClassVisitor, MethodVisitor, Opcodes } from '@xmcl/asm'

class CustomClassVisitor extends ClassVisitor {
    public constructor() {

    // visit the class 
    visit(version: number, access: number, name: string, signature: string, superName: string, interfaces: string[]): void {

    // visit method
    public visitMethod(access: number, name: string, desc: string, signature: string, exceptions: string[]) {
        return null;

    // visit field
    public visitField(access: number, name: string, desc: string, signature: string, value: any) {
        return null;

const visitor = new CustomClassVisitor();
const classData: Buffer = await fs.readFile("path/to/some.class");
new ClassReader(classData).accept(visitor);

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