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Interface FabricInstallOptions

Install the fabric to the client. Notice that this will only install the json. You need to call Installer.installDependencies to get a full client.

🏷️ Properties

inheritsFrom optional

inheritsFrom: string

When you want to install a version over another one.

Like, you want to install liteloader over a forge version. You should fill this with that forge version id. Inherited from: InstallOptions.inheritsFrom

Defined in: packages/installer/utils.ts:107

side optional

side: "server" | "client"

Defined in: packages/installer/fabric.ts:138

versionId optional

versionId: string

Override the newly installed version id.

If this is absent, the installed version id will be either generated or provided by installer. Inherited from: InstallOptions.versionId

Defined in: packages/installer/utils.ts:114

yarnVersion optional

yarnVersion: string | FabricArtifactVersion

Defined in: packages/installer/fabric.ts:139