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Interface AssetsOptions

Change the host url of assets download

🏷️ Properties

agent optional

agent: DownloadAgent

The download agent Inherited from: DownloadBaseOptions.agent

Defined in: packages/file-transfer/download.ts:20

assetsDownloadConcurrency optional

assetsDownloadConcurrency: number

Control how many assets download task should run at the same time. It will override the maxConcurrencyOption if this is presented.

This will be ignored if you have your own downloader assigned.

Defined in: packages/installer/minecraft.ts:133

assetsHost optional

assetsHost: string | string[]

The alternative assets host to download asset. It will try to use these host from the [0] to the [assetsHost.length - 1]

Defined in: packages/installer/minecraft.ts:126

assetsIndexUrl optional

assetsIndexUrl: string | string[] | Function

The assets index download or url replacement

Defined in: packages/installer/minecraft.ts:138

checksumValidatorResolver optional

checksumValidatorResolver: Function

Defined in: packages/installer/minecraft.ts:140

headers optional

headers: Record<string, any>

The header of the request Inherited from: DownloadBaseOptions.headers

Defined in: packages/file-transfer/download.ts:16

prevalidSizeOnly optional

prevalidSizeOnly: boolean

Only precheck the size of the assets. Do not check the hash.

Defined in: packages/installer/minecraft.ts:144

skipPrevalidate optional

skipPrevalidate: boolean

Should skip prevalidate the file Inherited from: DownloadBaseOptions.skipPrevalidate

Defined in: packages/file-transfer/download.ts:30

skipRevalidate optional

skipRevalidate: boolean

Re-validate the file after download success Inherited from: DownloadBaseOptions.skipRevalidate

Defined in: packages/file-transfer/download.ts:25

throwErrorImmediately optional

throwErrorImmediately: boolean

Inherited from: ParallelTaskOptions.throwErrorImmediately

Defined in: packages/installer/utils.ts:95