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Feel free to contribute to the project. You can fork the project and make PR to here just like any other github project.

Getting Started

Introduce how to setup environment, modify code and submit PR.


  • Node.js 16+
  • pnpm (can be setup by node corepack)

Setup Dev Workspace

Use git to clone the project

git clone

If you don't have pnpm, you can use corepack to setup

corepack enable

Now you should have pnpm installed. You can run the install command to install dependencies

pnpm install

How to Dev

The code are split into separated projects, which layed in under packages folder. Most of them are really simple (only one index.ts file or few files).

For pure library developer, we recommend you to have TDD (Test Driven Development) style to develop. You can add some test first, and then add the code to pass the test.

We are using the vitest as the test framework. You can run it by pnpm run test or pnpm vitest to run the test in watch mode.

Please see vitest document for more detailed operations.

How to Build

You can run build the project locally to make sure it pass the PR validation. The build is separated in 3 parts:

  1. Build esm mjs files
  2. Build cjs js files
  3. Build typescript dts files

You need to leverage the pnpm recursive option to run the build command.

pnpm build:cjs --parallel # build cjs
pnpm build:esm --parallel # build mjs
pnpm build:type --parallel # build dts

Commit You Code

Make sure you commit your code using the conventional commit format. The github action will use your commit message to generate changelog and bump version. They are important.

Before Submit PR

Make sure you run pnpm lint to pass lint so the PR validation can pass.