An Open Source Minecraft Launcher with Modern UX.

Provide a Disk Efficient way to manage all your Modsfile_type_package!

X Minecraft Launcher (XMCL) is a modern Minecraft launcher that lets you manage your massive resources like modpacks, resource packs, mods, shader packs... It also has integration with Minecraft Forge, Fabric, Quilt, CurseForge and Modrinth.

No more worry about the Game Install

XMCL supports installation of vanilla Minecraft, Minecraft Forge, Fabric, and even Optifine All in One! You can install them in a single place within the Launcher. It also supports the third party mirror link BMCL API. You can even customize your own mirror in the launcher.

Optimal disk space with Massive Resources

XMCL will store all the mods, resource packs, shader packs and modpacks to a single store location. While you try to use any known resource, it will use hard link to install the resource to the instance without copying. It means you will never see any duplicated copy in /mods folder anymore.

Keep your workspace Clean with multi-instances

XMCL has built in support of multi-instances. You can create multiple instances easily. So you don't need to be worried about the mixture of the different launch settings.

Integrated with Multiple Communities

XMCL built in supports with Curseforge & Modrinth. It also provides the ability to support custom user accounts/skin systems like blessing skin.